A hardware view of this site

I got a 2-post rack and 3 shelves for about $100…

I’ll do a more comprehensive post later, but I wanted to make sure that media serving was working, and thought I’d share a “making of” picture of the hardware that powers this blog, even though it’s not cleaned up yet. The site is running on a local Kubernetes cluster consisting of:

  • 2 Wyse Dx0Q thin clients (4GB and 8GB RAM)
  • 1 Wyse 5070 thin client (8GB RAM)
  • 3 3TB portable USB hard drives
  • 1 Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X
  • 1 16-port Netgear switch

The internet connection is provided by Centurylink fiber, which is routed to a BGP load-balancer and then to Contour in the cluster.

Images are served by Ceph (managed by Rook), and the database is running using the Presslabs mysql operator backed by a Rook PersistentVolume.

It should be possible to unplug any one of the thin clients and have the site keep serving — I’ll be testing that out later this month when I move all the components properly onto the rack shelves and clean up all the wiring mess. The current setup is the result of putting the rack together one night and then moving enough things onto it that there was space on the utility room floor to open and close the door. 😁

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