Ingress routing traffic to registry:2 image with a PersistentVolumeClaim. A job which gets the Ingress IP address, sets the ingress hostname, and sends the hostname to a DaemonSet which establishes registry trust on the machine

Kubernetes Self-Hosted Registry

An OCI registry feels like it really should be part of the core out-of-the-box Kubernetes offering. I suspect the main reason it’s not is that none of the vendors supporting Kubernetes really have a lot of incentive to make this part easier to handle for new developers, and all have their own registry solution they’d prefer to sell.

It’s back!

This blog is a bit of an experiment in running WordPress on Knative on Kubernetes in my own home. As some people may have noticed, the blog has been more down than up recently, despite the theoretically sounds underpinnings. If you’re curious, here’s a brief explanation as a way of easing myself back into the…